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Elizabeth Beier is a lady which knows your own lez life. She is not only lived it by herself, she’s pulled it out too. For the past several years she is spent numerous evenings at infamous sipping spot, The Lex. she actually is penned down pretty much every encounter we have now had there, perfectly. From one that moved too far with the downright depressing, the girl cartoons not just feel close to house but quite they much summarize everything The Lex has stood for more than these past couple of years. She will be demonstrating the woman comical strips at goal Comics in May, but in the meantime, we asked this lady quite about the woman project and where you can learn more.

Q. What made you should place pen to report the Lex cartoons?


The will to wow females, however. Really, seriously — we started attracting women during the Lexington Club in an effort to introduce me, in a fashion that was actually more original than providing them a drink or enthusiastically performing along into jukebox’s Pat Benatar. I began accumulating the sketches and thinking about it a lot more as a « project » while I heard the club was actually shutting.

Q. What happen several of your personal greatest thoughts from the Lex?


On Halloween of 2014 we presented judge at my favorite area on club and drew gorgeous people in costume, whom subsequently ordered myself drinks. A cute girl (or at least — one who isn’t a cis man) passed me a card having said that « you will be fucking amazing. Keep that shit upwards » and walked away. We went into the woman once more back at my solution to catch the BART and experienced the very first hug since my personal Major split that believed fun and beautiful. Thus — that has been a good night.

The Artiste – Elizabeth


Q. Just What Are you watching coming from different artists concerning the site?


Stories, art, photos and interviews are being obtained today at


. I believe this might be will be breathtaking and encompass many different kinds of appearance.

Q. inform us towards occasion

on Monday

and whom is going.


It’s May

23rd, at

Goal Comics, a great business about a block from where the Lex is currently (although the bar will be shut at that time, sniff.) We’ll present and study from my new Lexington Club related publication that may consist of comics, mural art, and maybe some authorship. I’ll deliver original artwork to offer also, therefore will various other neighborhood artisans TBD. Men and women should go if they’re lacking the Lexington Club and would like to see their unique staff, if they enjoy indie comics, or if they simply enjoy queer area activities. Androgynously breathtaking, amusing, innovative women who have actually something for artsy singles are also encouraged to attend.

Q. Where can we discover more about your projects, and everything you’ll end up being implementing after that?


Not long ago I updated my personal website,
, and you can examine a number of the comics and/or buy them here. You will find two publications printed at this point known as

Bisexual studies and Errors (Issues 1 and 2)

, about me trying (and usually a deep failing) to court the fairer intercourse. It’s also possible to take a look at my future events on my site — which include a visit to ny your very first ever
Queers and Comics

Might 7&8th

. I will get on a section also known as « Queer Memoir, » and can update my personal weblog with sketches and documents about every one of the great queer music artists We satisfy.

Details when it comes down to occasion are available
right here on Facebook

Also keep in mind to see
Elizabeth’s website

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